About CHOA Club

Since it's inception in 1998, CHOA (Charlotte Outdoor Adventures) has been an event-driven community that offers a variety of outdoor and social events. CHOA was initially dedicated to hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities, but as membership grew, social events became popular. Currently the club is experiencing a revival by former members and has evolved to a modern online social networking niche.

There are so many benefits to CHOA it's impossible to list. The primary benefit is networking. CHOA members have a variety of skills and businesses that really can enhance a person's life. CHOA members are more likely to recommend other members for jobs and tasks (off the net) than they would any other business. This is the power of our community that has endured beyond the temporary "death" in 2013.


It's About You

That's right. CHOA is a community that is also about you. As a member of CHOA you have the ability to post events. Visiting a new winery or doing your normal "Thursday Night Brewery" routine and want others to join along? Make it an event! That"s right, if it's a fun idea, or something that you love doing and wouldn't mind some company, you are empowered to make it an event.

CHOA is about doing what you love and inviting a group of people to join along. So don't be afraid to post events. You may be the only one there one week, but eventually 30 other people may join for the fun. This is the power of doing what you love.


But Wait, There's More!

CHOA also has it's own line of Leaders and Event planners. People who add value to the community on a regular basis. These leaders have been vetted by the community as well as by our own staff. You can be assured that CHOA leaders will run wildly popular and great events. This is also your chance to network with a variety of people and forge lasting friendships.


An Inclusive Environment

CHOA is a welcoming club that sees young professionals from all over the world who have moved to the Charlotte area. Some don't know anyone, some know everyone. We welcome everyone, with exceptions as listed below.

Exceptions. Being inclusive is actually rather complex. In no way is CHOA a political platform of ANY Kind. Events, or posts of political nature will be moderated out. You have Facebook to discuss the toxic nature of politics, keep it there.

We recognize and welcome cultural differences. You don't have to give up who you are to be a member. We only ask you to recognize that everyone has different backgrounds and viewpoints and that's the beauty of being human and maintaining a cultural identity. We will not tolerate pushed points of views.

Bottom line: No hate


Safe Events

CHOA recognizes that allowing the public to post events has it's hazards. We have incorporated a rating system and account validation system into our website. This at the bare minimum helps identify good members from bad. Events posted by members who have a low rating or have not been validated should be approached with caution. We can't be there to protect everyone at each event, but we've done what we can to assure safe events.

Furthermore, Events lead and run by an official CHOA leader are almost guaranteed to be a safe event. CHOA leaders have been a member of the club for a set period of time. Have attended several events, know other leaders and further vetted by CHOA staff. They are then trained as Jr Leaders, co-hosting events for a month or two. Needless to say, there is an extensive process to make sure official leaders are the real deal.