• A slight case of rebranding.
    Posted by Choa Admin Apr 5

    CHOA, while personal and nostalgic to many, is too specific, too locked in to an old way. 

    In that note, we're relaunching as "This Club". It's a pretty cool thing to be part of This Club too. Why? Because we're so much more than the original CHOA ever was. We're an online Social Media group and we're an offline social group. We're still going to be very event centric and boast one of the coolest event scheduling systems out there. 

    Over the next few weeks, we'll be revising our Mission Statement, Terms of Service and other things as well as revamping the site just a little. 

    Instead of forums we'll add the popular "Groups" feature so like minded people can split off from the crowd and discuss their own topics of interest. 

    Best of All, we promise not to spy on, or share user data. So feel free to #DeleteFacebook and join This Club to get your less politically toxic social fix. 

  • Make it an Event!
    Posted by Choa Admin September 10, 2017

    New and old CHOA members welcome. 

    Do you have a really fun idea? Something you wouldn't mind doing alone, but at the same time wouldn't mind a group to join? Post it as an event!

    That's right, turn your fun idea into a group event. CHOA is an event driven community of people always looking for something to do. Even if it's a day or even 3 hours notice, give it a try. No one may join the first few times, but eventually magic happens and 20 people are hanging out with you. This is the power of doing what you love. 

    CHOA is a community site built on the passions of it's members. Members who love hiking, or a certain restaurant, or brewery. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do. 

    So don't be afraid to post an event, this is your community, CHOA is about you.